Welcome to the home of Robert's Bookshop, a large used and antiquarian bookshop on the beautiful Oregon Coast!



We have plenty of books (over 200,000) for everybody. We also carry comic books, trading cards, and media (including audiobooks on CD and cassette, movies and TV series on DVD, and music on vinyl and on CD). We hope you find something you're looking for!


Lincoln County has been very busy and the shop is crowded at times. Because we would like all our customers and our employees to remain healthy, we are still following some safety protocals and will remind customers who forget. We hope you don't think we are rude, but we will remind patrons to give people as much space as possible; this may mean asking you to vacate the area around the front counter if you are waiting for people in your group. 


Of note:

  • The bathroom is closed. The nearest toilets are across the highway at the beach access. We feel badly for telling people "no" but we had to close it due to significant issues--the bathroom has also become storage space so it is completely unavailable.
  • Face coverings are no longer required but are welcome! We may have disposable masks available if you would like one. Everybody is expected to respect the social distancing guidelines. 
  • Please do not bring food or drink into the shop.
  • Sometimes it's tempting to try to slide past people looking at books, but please go around using the next aisle when possible.
  • Appointments are not necessary to shop in the store, but if the shop becomes too crowded we may lock the door and ask customers to wait outside until some people have left.
  • We have a new credit card processor. They charge you a 4% fee on all credit card purchases; there is no fee if you pay with a debit card (using your PIN). We do still take checks and cash.
  • Again: The bathroom is closed.


To trade or sell books:

  • We are buying by appointment four days each week. To bring in books, movies, or comics to us during open hours when the buyer is in, please call and make an appointment. If you would like to drop off your books and ask us to donate what we don't need to the library, we can mail a check to you or put credit on file; we can do this outside appointment hours with prior notice.
  • You can bring in two small bags or boxes Tuesday through Saturday for trade credit without an appointment but you may need to wait until we are finished with those already on our schedule. If you have more than two small bags or boxes, please do call--we can usually figure out a way to look at everything!
  • Yes, we can still take donations of books, comics, and media in good condition. What we can't use will be passed on to other outlets that can also use them. Please note--we are NOT a registered charity so you cannot get a donation receipt for books we can use, but we can provide a note for items sent on to the Friends of the Library.


Our open hours have changed in the last year. If you find alternate hours somewhere online please be aware that our correct hours are 10-4 Sunday and Monday, 10-5:30 Tuesday through Saturday.


Also new in the store

  • Large collections of aviation and military history books are being filtered into the shop as space becomes available. We also have a binder available that includes pictures of the signed aviation prints we recently acquired; ask to see the actual prints (stored elsewhere in the shop).
  • Vintage paperbacks are going out on genre shelves but also in a separate vintage paperback section (based on price). If you are looking for the slightly more expensive items we can point you in the correct direction.
  • Oregon history has been selling swiftly and we recently acquired a new collection; it will be slowly added to the shelves.
  • Interested in law or presidental biography? We can absolutely help you out.
  • Our poetry section has been expanding rapidly--we have piles of new haiku, poetry commentary, poetry collections, and modern and historical poetry books.
  • We are always adding more collectible comics and modern releases.
  • If you are looking for pop culture items we have a shelf of goodies that may include Funko, Marvel, DC, Pusheen, Hello Kitty, and other items.


Keep calm and read on displayed over large stacks of books

We have been receiving many queries about orders placed through the eCrater website; please be aware that we do not sell through this platform. There is a different business with an exceptionally similar name that also sells books but is not associated with us in any way. We don't know how to contact them either but we have recently been dealing with a lot of complaints from their customers; we wish them luck in resolving their issues.


Building Maintenance

We are closing annually in early Spring to work on the building; we will post the dates when we narrow them down.


BYOB (Bring Your Own Bags)!

As of January 1, 2020 we are required by the Oregon Sustainable Shopping Initiative to charge $.05 for each single use bag given when you check out (even recycled bags--we checked). To avoid the fee, please bring your own reusable tote or other bag. We have reusable bags available for purchase as well.


Super-Fancy Books

Want to read a book AND feel super-fancy while you do it? You don't need a cup of tea or a crackling fire in the fireplace--try an Easton Press, Folio Society, or Heritage Press book. We recently bought a ton (yes, an actual literal ton) of super-fancy editions of classic works you have heard of and other classics you probably haven't. These volumes are slowly being brought into the store as we make space and get time to process through them. This lot spans all wants: Some are single volumes, some are sets, some are leather, some are slip-cased, most are illustrated, some are relatively modern, some are antiquarian, some are good literature, and some might be terrible (you never know!). They aren't necessarily expensive but they will all make you feel (you guessed it) absolutely super-fancy when you pick them up. That said, some are quite expensive and are shelved behind glass, up high, or will be listed online; please ask if there's something in particular you are looking for.


Vintage Paperbacks!

At last, Bob is shelving more and more vintage paperbacks.  Dell Mapbacks, early Avon, Pocketbook, Dell, etc.  We have thousands more in storage, so if there is something you are looking for, ask.  We are also starting to organize our extensive collection of digest size books and magazines.  From Galaxy Novels to obscure mystery novels and magazines.  Next on the list is our selection of early Pulp magazines.  Mostly science fiction and westerns, but a nice batch of The Shadow, and some detective and Doc Savage pulps, etc..  Again, ask if you are interested.  We don't plan on listing these online.


Comics AND trading cards!?!

Yes, we now carry a number of different series of trading cards, mostly from the 1980s/90s. There are some sports cards, many super hero series cards (Marvel, DC, Valiant, Image, etc.), and lots of art cards (Vallejo, Wrightson, Bell, Kaluta, Canty, etc.). The new stock includes sealed boxes, card packs, card sets, signed cards, chase cards, uncut sheets, and other loose cards. We also have a new flip rack full of posters, prints, Colossal Cards, and other illustrations.


Because we just didn't have enough stuff, we decided to bring comics back into the shop. We currently have more than 25 short boxes full of single issue comics and some comic bundles for people to look through (organized, even!) and are always adding. We just put out a number of Preacher, Batman, Archie, Scrooge, Wolverine...etc., etc., ad infinitum. We have a small box of comics-for-kids in the children's room, including Looney Tunes, My Little Pony, Adventure Time, and Classics Illustrated. Star Wars and Doctor Who fans will find some comics with our sci fi series books. There are also a number of long boxes full of adult comics (we are talking very, very adult, for ages 18+ only) available to look through on advance request; these are not out on the floor because we are aware that kiddos get into everything they can reach. We just acquired a HUGE comic collection and will be processing through those over time. If you are looking to sell comics, give us a call; our comic buyer is available in the shop Thursday-Saturday or by other appointment.


Toy Tractors Galore!

We have recently acquired a large collection of antique toy tractors. They are already truckin' on out the door (ha!) but there's more to look at.


Magic: The Gathering Cards? Sure! Why Not?

Until this collection is gone, we have MTG cards for sale in the shop. You can dig through the more common cards ($.10 each or 6 for $.50) or pick up something a bit more collectible for $.50 each and up. Please ask if you'd like to take a look at the more expensive cards as they are in one of our locked cases so the cards don't disappear...like magic. *poof*




The Days We Buy Books

*This section does not currently apply*Two years ago we slightly altered our buying policy. We need time to process and shelve what we have incoming so: We do NOT buy for cash on Monday or Tuesday. You can bring in one small bag or box of books to trade only on Monday or Tuesday. We do buy Wednesday through Sunday for cash or trade credit. Please also be aware that if we have been inundated with trading or buying we may suspend buying on that day until we work through what we have. If you are coming from a great distance or have a large number of books please call us at 541-994-4453 to be sure we can accommodate you when you come.


 How many miles of shelving in the store?!?

A special Thank You for all the folks who came in for our 30th anniversary--now five years ago!  If you were wondering about the answer to "How many feet of shelving in our shop?", the answer was:

                 1.64 miles of bookshelves! (8,709 lineal feet of shelf space)

The Airplane

It's been a while now since we acquired the cockpit from a 1967 Boeing 727-100 aircraft. This aircraft section is in the parking lot next to the building on the north side. The plane cannot be accessed by customers from the inside of the shop; we were able bring it in but we aren't able to bring it up to code enough to open it to visitors. This cockpit does make a unique (and a bit drafty) office. It was quite the process getting it in! Linked below is a brief video showing the tail end of the process with the forklift. It's not the most exciting watching--but it is interesting!

727 Lands at Robert's Bookshop (YouTube link)

General website information:

From this site you can search or browse our online inventory of hard to find, out of print, used, and rare books. The books listed in this inventory are only available through this website; our in-store inventory is not included here. If you would like to visit the shop and see an item that we have listed in this online catalog, you must call ahead (541-994-4453) to schedule a time to view the item(s) as they are stored in a separate location.

If you can't find the book you are looking for in our online inventory, please fill out our off-line search form and we will search our off-line store inventory, other bookstores and book search services for you. Our in-store inventory is not listed in our online catalog.

We are open 7 days a week, 1000 to 1730 Tuesday through Saturday (That is 10 am to 5:30 pm for you civilians) and 1000 to 1600 Sunday and Monday (10 am to 4 pm).



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